The Lea Brook Valley - CIO

The Lea Brook Valley in the heart of Dronfield is a 1 km green corridor located immediately behind the Dronfield Civic Centre. The Lea Brook Valley was founded in 2002 by Norman Crowson and Peter Carr and a small group of volunteers who wanted to make a positive difference to their community. In 2017, the Lea Brook Valley inherited its Charity status. The Christian conservation charity called A Rocha UK has been a long term supporter since the start of the Lea Brook Valley Project, which is now in their network of other similar organisations Partner's in Action.

The Lea Brook Valley has successfully received funding from the Yorkshire Water Biodiversity Fund. The money awarded will be spent on improving the site’s balancing ponds, to enhance biodiversity and back a 25-year management plan. This will benefit the community of Dronfield, nature and conservation while serving its original purpose to reduce the effects of surface water flooding.

With such vision and resources, the scheme is being hailed as the flagship for water companies and

flood authorities up and down the country. The valley’s Living Waters Project – consisting of wildlife-

rich flood meadows – shows how large organisations can engage with local community groups.


In 2015, with A Rocha UK, the scheme appointed intern Maria Klöss to manage the project. But

challenges grew, particularly in trying to engage with water companies. Local Anglican curate Dave

Walker became involved in 2016. Dave has also been appointed Chair of the Board of Trustees with a brilliant Board and Green Team. 

The Lea Brook Valley has aspirations to involve all local schools and organisations; these relationships are currently in development. The maintenance of the valley is an ongoing project which you can get involved with - head over to the 'Get Involved' page to find out more. 




"Glad we stumbled across your event this morning, had a great 1.5 hours chatting to friendly, knowledgeable people about badgers, moths, bird ringing, school gardens and the Lea Brook Valley itself - I never knew it existed until today. Well done all involved, shame the weather postponed the bird ringing - I hope the weather is favourable for you tomorrow"

- Glen Watson, talking about our Nature Fest Summer Event