It is the vision of the new charitable organisation to provide educational opportunities for children, families, and adults and to continue to develop the site by: 

  • creating and delivering opportunities and experiences while nurturing an ethos of conservation, enjoyment of the natural world and sustainable lifestyles. 

  • delivering forest school style sessions to support confidence building, team work and physical, emotional and social well-being

  • creating opportunities to work with the public with inter generational events and education days

In the first instance, in order to make contacts and to work with schools to see what might be possible, we are offering to take assemblies and in-school sessions. Possibilities for stimulating, fun, but fact-filled assemblies and sessions, linked to the curriculum, include: 

  • a series on tree species and/ or birds and mammals in the Lea Brook Valley, looking at facts, uses, plant lore, stories and ID 

  • fun ways to present ecological concepts to increase awareness of the interdependency of life on Earth, e.g. Air, Water, Soil and Sunlight 

  • Sensory sessions to encourage a sense of care for the Earth 



Recently retired from 17 years as Centre Director of Ringsfield Eco Activity Centre in Suffolk; a residential centre catering for school visits, run by the Ringsfield Hall Trust, Ross inspired the change for the centre from hostel-style accommodation to an environmental education experience for both children and staff with the emphasis on nature connection and respect and care for the child. Her experience of person-centred counselling, her PhD research concerning adult-child dynamics and ability to provide inclusive hospitality made the centre a much sought after venue. 


Until he retired in 2015, Chris Walton was for 13 years co-director of Ringsfield Eco Acitivty Centre. His lifelong care of and work with children and young people throughout his church ministries resulted in his PhD research which investigated the responses of children to solitude in the natural world over ten years. Now chair of the Ringsfield Hall Trust, his work and interest focuses on providing opportunities for carers an teachers to gain insight into the non-religious spiritual experience of children and young people and for children to know and enjoy the natural world. 


For more information about Education in the Lea Brook Valley, please email Chris and Ross on