LBV Careers Scheme

Prospective employers are always on the lookout for new people who have qualifications, but above all have a basic grounding in life-skills and a level of experience in the particular line of work on offer. 

But how do you get the life-sills and experience if you have not been given the opportunity to work? - this can become a chicken & egg situation! However, the Lea Brook Valley Careers scheme maybe the answer to get that all important experience you need. 

Joining the Lea Brook Valley opens up so many benefits such as providing you with an opportunity to meet new friends, learn new skills, build on your CV and is great for UCAS applications. The Lea Brook Valley career scheme is a perfect opportunity for young adults who are applying for 6th form, college or even university. 


We have 3 main areas which you can get involved in: 

The Corporate & Legal Stuff

The Lea Brook Valley - CIO being a charity brings many challenges which require bookkeeping, accounts, working with legal documents and many other corporate business administrative skills. 


This is perfect for anyone who is interested in Law, Accounting and Bookeeping, Finane and Business Administration. 


The Green Stuff 

The core and ultimate reason for the LBV-Green Team is to be out there as stewards of our natural environment. Learn new skills such as plant identification, biodiversity, nature-conservation, wetland management and working the land. 


This is perfect for anyone who is interested in Geography, Geology, Environmental Sciences, Gardening and Agriculture. 


The Social Stuff 

Meeting up and having fun whether it's the corporate administration of the CIO or bashing the Himilayian balsam, we always strive to have fun.


Perfect for anyone who is looking for a hobby, passionate about nature or is looking to try something new and gain a new skill. 

A list of some of the courses which can be applied to the LBV Career Scheme: 

  • Accounting and Finance 

  • Agriculture and Forestry 

  • Biology

  • Business Studies

  • Chemistry

  • Economics

  • Education

  • (Further) Mathematics

  • Geography

  • Environmental Sciences

  • Geology 

  • Land and Property Management 

  • Law

  • Marketing 

  • Physics

  • Theology and Religious Studies

  • Wetland Managemnt

If you would like more information, please express your interest in the form and we will get back to you as soon as we can: 

Thanks! We will get back to your shortly!